Production Specs


WB can support parking for up to two tour buses towing trailers in rear lot.


Artist Load-In for WB is thru rear loading door. Load-in is at ground level next to WB kitchen. When using this area, please use proper judgment in gear placement to provide easy load-in/load-out access for all artists performing.

Dressing Room:

WB has one private artist dressing room located on lower level.


WB Security is staffed in-house and is based on show requirements.

Loaders / Stagehands:

WB’ s loaders/stagehands are based on show requirements.


WB has a 21’ x 28’ stage. The stage is at a height of 39” off the floor.


Drum Riser:

WB provides one 8’ x 8’ drum riser.


WB has a permanently mounted black iron barricade approximately 3-1/2’ in front of the downstage edge of the stage to accommodate artist security needs. The barricade is of an open-concept black iron design to keep the integrity of WB’s intimate vibe in place.

Stage power:

3 x 20A circuits


WB provides the following single console audio package for our events. Although we can help facilitate additional needs, any changes or additions to the in-house system, including the addition of a monitor console, are at artist’s expense. System drive is fixed as L-R. WB provides one Audio tech for all events.

NOTE: All WB gear including monitors, mics, stands, cables, etc… is provided for use of all artists performing on scheduled events and will be shared as required!!!

PA System:

1 x Midas PRO2C Mixing Console
10 x D&B Q1 Line Array Cabinets (5 per side)
6 x JBL STX828S 2x18” Subwoofer Cabinets (3 per side)
2 x QSC K10 Self Powered Cabinets (Flown Stereo Front-Fills) 3 x D&B D12 Amplifiers (Q1 Power)
3 x Crown Macrotech 5000VZ Amplifiers (STX828S Power)
2 x Lake Contour PRO26 System Processors


8 x JBL SRX712M monitor Wedges
4 x Crown XTi-6002 Monitor Power Amps
1 x Mackie SRM1850 18” Self-Powered Drum Sub

Microphones / DI’s:

2 x Shure Beta 52a
1 x Shure Beta 91a
6 x Sennheiser 604
4 x Audio Technica AE5100 Medium Condensers 8 x Shure SM57

6 x Shure SM58
4 x Radial PRO48 Active DI Boxes 2 x Radial PRO-D2 Stereo DI Boxes


WB has a permanently mounted LED Lighting system in-house. Fixtures shall not be removed or re-allocated, although proper focus and programming on a per show basis is both encouraged and supported. Based on venue power available, WB cannot support additional high power consumption moving light packages. In- House LD Available

  • 16 x 40-Degree LED Pars (6 x US, 4 x MS, 6 x DS)
  • 4 x Chauvet Intimidator 255 IRQ LED Spot Fixtures (USC)
  • 4 x Chauvet Intimidator FX 350 Fixtures (US)
  • 2 x Chauvet Intimidator 350 Wash Zoom IRC (US)
  • 4 x ADJ Z7 Wash Zoom Fixtures (US)
  • 4 x Chauvet Intimidator 150 Fixtures (DS)
2 x Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes (US)
1 x MA2 Command Wing / Fader Wing Lighting Console